Animal Communicator, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Worker

Helping make your life better

Animal Communications

  • General Communications 
  • Adjusting to a move, new baby, divorce, marriages.
  • Preparing for passing
  • General health

Clearing Spaces

  • Houses

Spiritual Guide

  • One-on-one as needed
  • Life challenges
  • Dealing with loss
  • Past life regressions

Energy Work

  • On humans and animals
  • Remove energy blocks 
  • Balance chakras
  • All energy work is done at a distance

Spiritual Life Coaching

  • Indepth program to identify challenges
  • Improve boundaries
  • Rebuilld self-esteem
  • Heal from past issues that are holding you back
  • Remove limited-beliefs
  • Clarity in how to attract things you desire in your life
  • Learn the missing link to Forgiveness


  • You can contact me by email to schedule an appointment. 
  • Please include your time zone when requesting an appointment. 

Life through from a dog's perspective and how his life purpose and that of his human blended and they were able to help each other. Will give you a new perspective on life with your animals that share your lives. 

It will help prepare you to better prepare your pets and keep them safe whether having friends over for dinner, hosting a party, going on vacation and many other life events that may come your way. Loaded with tips that could save your dog's life. 

See what my clients say.

"Trish as been working with me for decades. Not only has she been instrumental in the spiritual care of my animals, I always turn to her for guidance in my life. She is a calming (and completely accurate) influence who is always there for her clients and friends."

-Denise Philp, Nashville, TN

"Trish's energy work, spiritual insight, and guidance continue to support my spiritual growth and life journey in the most positive light."

-L.H., Dallas, TX

"She's been able to touch the lives of several hundred Rescue Mastiffs, from those who were abused to those whose previous owner's could just no longer give them the quality of life they deserved. Trish has helped our Mastiffs, mixed breed dogs, cats, squirrels, possums and snakes over the years.

-Anne H., Houston, Texas

"The reading was amazing and I still go back to reference it. I highly recommend Trish's pet communication. And all the other services she has to offer."

-Mary Walker

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